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It’s Still Aries Season–Birthday Gift Ideas for the Aries Queen!

Aries Season
March 21st – April 19th

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac year, a time for new beginnings, new ventures, new relationships, etc. No coincidence that Aries season falls during Spring, another time we tend to focus on refreshing and changes.  The Aries Queen is fiery, fierce and independent.  Aries is a fire sign, ruled by Mars, the planet of drive and desire; see the correlation here :).  Aries women can be spontaneous and outgoing with a great sense of style.  She can be a bit too trusting and open, but tends to bounce back from disappointments quickly.    

The ideal gifts for Aries women are those that speak to her need to be organized and stylish.  Aries Queens are not shy so they don’t mind a little  “look at me” style.  Their fiery nature makes them natural girlbosses and  everyone knows it!   A gorgeous look at me tote, and a stylish pouch with a quirky catch phrase to carry all of her essentials when she is not at home are perfect options.
A little sparkle for her ears complements her style perfectly, day or night; and don’t forget conversation starting and stylish drink ware that is bound to bring her even more attention!

Treat the Aries in your life to something pretty.fabulous, we are confident that we can help you find the perfect gift your Aries bestie will LOVE!  Shop these fabulous picks from Chickwares now!  

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The Hair Accessory of the Moment!

Do you have the must have accessory of the season yet?? Not sure exactly what that is? We’re here to help! Everyone who is anyone will be adorning their hair this season with some type of beaded, satiny, glitzy headband, barrette or tie in some way and we are definitely here for it! Who would have thought that something like a “headband” would be trending, but it did and it is! This trend actually took off last year and does not appear to be going anywhere soon! Can you say matching headband and earring prints? Yeah, I think it might be a thing. Admittedly since adulthood I have never been “a headband person”, usually because I enjoy wearing hats and after a day of the ponytail I tend to have a slight headache. So in my case, hair accouterments are limited to the black elastic I wore during workouts or errands, I know, glamorous right? Well, I spied a super fabulous leopard print HEADBAND sometime last year; in case you didn’t know, leopard print, gives me all the feels–the good ones. So, after laying my eyes on this little cutie, I had to have it and thus, gave headbands another try. I was definitely pleasantly surprised with the comfy fit and overall look! This was not my headbands of previous years; padded, lined, gorgeous print, great! I received several compliments immediately after I went out and a couple “where did you get your headband?” –winning! Seriously, I’ve definitely come around to the idea of hair accessories as a must-have, and will admit to owning 4 of these now. Not a huge collection, but there is definitely growth potential as the season progresses. I think these are a great way to complete a look and an easy way to express your personal style, not to mention they are awesome for those days when you want a bit more polished “messy bun”!

Note that this is not an introduction to headbands, just me sharing my experience with an accessory that you, like me, may have given up on or deemed more of a teen/tween accessory. Current styles are definitely more grown up and stylish and it is quite possible that we will see this item in a big way through the end of the year. There is a broad range of styles and price points to choose from. See below for a few of my favorite styles as well as a glimpse of what you can get at $15 vs. $50!

Be sure to visit Chickwares boutique, we have several fabric headband options available in fun prints as well as new hair clips and ties coming this first week of March!

What do you think about this ongoing trend? Would you try it? I say, if you haven’t, give them a shot, very low fashion investment and can provide the finishing touch to your look. If you’re wearing and loving the trend let us know –what’s your favorite style? Share a pic or leave us a note or two in the comments!

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October 10th is National Handbag Day!!

It’s National Handbag Day!  Every year on October 10 we get to celebrate the awesomeness of handbags.  Handbag day–a day to shop, share and show some handbag love!

It goes without saying (again) that I LOVE a great bag!  Not sure when or how it started but for me handbag love is real.  I’m excited that a trend seen for Fall is the idea of carrying more than one bag!  I haven’t tried it yet, I need to plan and play with the right proportions, but loving the idea of my bag needing to carry a bag of its own bag!  I don’t know about you, but I can’t fit all of my things in a micro bag, sometimes one bag just isn’t enough!  For National Handbag Day 2019 I am going to focus this post on sharing some great deals, trends and of course a few bags that I LOVE right now! 

5 Fall Handbag Trends – And These Are Soooo Good!

1.    Croc effects – Love, love, love this trend.  Embossed croc looks instantly elevates the look of any accessory, always so classy and ladylike.  Pure luxe–whether you go faux or splurge on the real versions, you can’t go wrong!  Love Rebecca Minkoff’s take on a structured embossed croc bag!

2.    Chain accents – Chunky and often over-sized chain accents have been spotted fairly regularly in recent designs.  Simpler leather straps are being swapped for chunkier look at me and my bag styles!

3.    Structured bags – Structure and top handled styles are here to stay and why not—these handheld styles are definitely eye-catching!  Geometric shapes, fun and unique handles and materials, there is definitely an option for every taste.

4.    Double the pleasure – With handbags, this season two is better than one!  Top designers debuted Fall looks that included bags carrying a bag of its own!  Some showcased large bags with an attached mini or micro accessory bag (so cute!) while others went for bags of about equal size being careful that neither bag was really large or cumbersome. I think this is one trend I can get behind! Top Shop has some fabulous croc embossed AND structured bags that will make creating your own double-bag look super easy!

5.    Soft and cozy – The softest of soft materials are a key focus for Fall.  Faux fur, shearling, lambswool—if it’s shaggy and makes you want to cozy up, it is definitely a bag to covet this Fall!

Be sure to share your favorite bag, your bag crush or anything handbag related with us, we’d love to hear from you!  Don’t forget to hop on over and check out our Instagram feed to see our bag of the day! And if you don’t like us already (how could you not??) like us, follow us, we’d love to connect with you!


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Best Summer Bags: Splurges and Steals!

The official start of summer is upon us and I am SO excited to be back talking about bags, bags and more bags!  I was inspired to add a post about summer bags after confirming plans for an upcoming beach getaway I am so very much looking forward to–Cabo here I come!  I’ve pulled together some fabulous summer bag styles that I am lovin’ right now and seriously considering adding to my collection.  Ok, being completely honest–I’ve already purchased a couple of these, but no real surprise there :)!  I am only showing 8 here, but there are so many awesome options available right now and I’m all about sharing when it comes to great fashion finds and style ideas and I’m so excited now to share my summer bag picks and purchases with you!  There just may be part 2 of this post!

First things first, #1, the bamboo tote– so cute!  This bag style isn’t new, but a silhouette made super popular with the Cult Gaia a couple years ago. It’s still available now as a very on fashion tote, but at an awesomely affordable price point! I snagged mine from Amazon! With such a range of price points to choose from I decided to add it to my collection! Truly super low investment and such a great look!  I have the more neutral natural bamboo version, shown below but it’s available in other colored wood styles and acrylic options, the skinny scarf is optional!  I love #2! The Rebecca Minkoff Fan Tote, this is the large canvas option, but there are SO many versions and colors of this bag– the mini, there is a nylon option, there is even a clear version! OK, 4 and 5 are obviously very similar but I couldn’t decide which was cuter, so I included both! These are from Street Level brand, but there are so many options available this season in these easy to carry rattan styles–enjoy! #6 is my absolute favorite right now and is super fun, BUT, definitely the priciest out of all the options. However,! So fabulous, I can see it being paired effortlessly with some khaki paper bag waist shorts and white tank or an off the shoulder maxi dress for a night out! Chrissy Teigen loves it too!! Links to shop all the options are below!

(left to right) – Bamboo Tote, |2| Rebecca Minkoff Canvas Tote, |3| Circle Handle Straw Pom Tote, A New Day Target Collection |4| Street Level Rattan Circle Tote, |5| Street Level Rattan Box Tote, |6| Jacquemus Le Baci Tote, Shopbop |7| Abigale Straw Clutch, Francesca’s |8| Rebecca Minkoff Kate Circle Crossbody

What do you all think of my picks? See something you like?  A new must have item?  Already have?  Leave us a comment, or even better a picture!  

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Hooray! It’s National Handbag Day!

Hooray!  It’s National Handbag Day!  As of late just about everything has “a day” and October 10 is the day for all handbag lovers to celebrate, shop and show off their love of handbags!

Handbag, purse, tote, whatever you call this must have accessory is for many (like me) a necessity.  Handbags can transform and liven up any outfit.  Running errands or have plans to hit the gym later, so you opt to dress down in workout gear for the day?   Grab a structured tote or satchel and you will instantly feel a bit more “uptown”.

I love a great bag!  I like to carry and collect bags, a range of colors and styles is important!  For me a collection of handbags is slightly more awesome than a great shoe collection!  And I have a pretty decent shoe collection ;-)!

Handbags are so versatile they can be tiny or extra-large, they are available in just about any material or fabric we can think of and let’s not forget colors!  And lets not forget– they are functional, they carry all of our important and sometimes not so important STUFF!

The Chickwares team has decided to celebrate this day by sharing our bag “du jour” over on Instagram as well as some images of our favorite bags here on the blog!


Bags we love (just a few)!  It’s National Handbag Day!


Cheers to a day celebrating our love of handbags!  Happy National Handbag Day!  Thank  you for reading and sharing our blog!  Follow us here and on Instagram!

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Get Ready! Fall Wardrobe Staples!

Happy Happy Monday people!

I definitely am so inspired by the pending change of seasons that I feel like I’ve spent a little extra time planning Fall outfits to put together.  I love Fall dressing, sweater weather is my favorite!  It’s still summer AND I’m in Atlanta so it’s still pretty hot here  to even think about wearing some of the warmer sweaters and sweatshirts I have my eye on.  Mornings are getting a little cooler, but by mid-morning it’s still very hot here…and humid!  For the next couple of weeks I guess I’ll have to be content simply planning and trying out as many different looks as I can!  If you didn’t, take a look at a quick post I did on Fall trends a few weeks back to help jump-start your own wardrobe plan!

Most of these pieces you can begin to incorporate into your wardrobe now, for example pair the blazer with a lightweight cami, and wear after 5, or to the office (always cold), wear booties with shorts and casual dresses, etc.


Boyfriend Blazer, Express


Express Bell Bottom
Bell Flare Jeans, Express; I just purchased these, haven’t received yet, but love the retro look!

top shop sweater
Mock Neck Sweater, Top Shop; slightly oversized, perfect with distressed jeggings or leggings

steve madden rumble booties_129
Steve Madden Rumble Bootie, Nordstrom; to be worn with oversized Top Shop sweater and leggings 🙂

Sanctuary Camo
Sanctuary Camo Pants, Macy’s; to know me is to know I love camo! I have no idea why!! Swap tee for cami and top this look with a black blazer!

floral pant
Floral pant, leather jacket and booties! I wish I could tell you exactly where this look came from! If anyone knows please tell me! Love it!


See anything you like or are wearing now?   What do you think about these looks?  We’re excited for Fall, drop us a note and let us know what you think!  As always, thanks for sharing with us!  Please follow our blog and check us out on Instagram and Facebook!





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Hooray For Fall Fashion! Fall Trends

Heyyy Friends!

The Labor Day holiday signals that the end of Summer is near which is always a little bittersweet, however I don’t usually mind as much as I am always super excited for Fall and Fall shopping!  I enjoy dressing for all seasons, but I have to admit that Fall might be my favorite! I love sweater weather!  Notice I said sweater weather, not North Face Abominable Snowman Under Armour weather– definitely a difference!

I wanted to share just a few of the Fall trends I’m loving for Fall that will be influencing all of our shopping trips this season as these trends and looks are hitting retailers everywhere!

There are a ton of options and opinions out there on what is trending for Fall, this is my non-designer house point of view!  I like to think I present more approachable and affordable picks that you know us fabulous “everyday” gals could find and buy!  Runway styles are aspirational and inspirational, not all looks are intended to be taken literally, grab what you can from them and make the look your own.  We all know it’s not realistic to think that most of us will complete our shopping at Gucci and Saks! We all like our designer duds but I don’t think $600 slacks are in everyone’s budget :).

Enough rambling!  Take a look at the 5 trends assembled below and see if you feel Fall retro inspired!  Happy Shopping!


#1 – Flower Power – Retro Flower Prints

Floral prints.  Not just any florals but BIG, striking floral prints and patterns.  This trend might be the most polarizing trend of all but I think if done right, these is an amazing look for this season!  Ignore the thinking that florals are only relevant for Spring, the bright, bold patterns for Fall will definitely change your thinking.  Pair your florals with some flare leg jeans and a leather jacket or try some floral print slack and booties, ground a full length dress with a gorgeous pair of boots!  So many options!  PS – I love the floral coat below– on the hunt for a copycat version!

#2 – Resin & Lucite Accessories

Resin is a very versatile material and for this Fall season being crafted in so many  vivid colors and patterns!  Another plus is that it is super lightweight.  Look for mottled florals, bright color splashes and metal accents this season.  I’ve noticed that while pieces are still striking it looks like the super large statement pieces are on their way out.  Hold on to yours though (I am), what’s old will be new very soon.  Besides, I believe for the right occasion a big “look at me” necklace might be just want a girl needs!



#3 – Purple  / Lavender

I am really appreciating the various shades of purple/violet I’ve seen so far during this transition period leading up to full on Fall.    Pantone chose Ultra Violet as its color of the year for 2018 so no surprise that we will see this color everywhere this fall.  Actually– the entire color palette chosen for this year is pretty awesome, check them out here!  Such gorgeous colors!  For all you fellow Prince fans, I think he would be pleased with this color choice!



#4 – Belt Bags

Not a fanny pack, but a belt bag :)!  There is a difference and I guess the difference is about 30 years or so!  Either way, I don’t hate this accessory!  This trend is not brand new for Fall, was introduced in a big way back in Spring, I show it here as a part of this list because 1)  it will be continuing into Fall and 2) there are so many new and different takes on the style that it feels just as fresh as it did previously.  Everyone is offering their version of this style so you are sure to find one that works for you!  Extremely versatile bag, most styles can be worn in the traditional belt style or as a sling.  Some include a convertible strap so the bag can be worn as a crossbody.




#5 – Retro / Throwback Looks

This could be fun!  Think denim on denim looks, denim jackets, flare leg jeans (I actually never stopped wearing these…), updated bootcut denim, cool metallics, pop art details, velvet, color, color and more color!  Mix one of your favorite throwback pieces with a more modern piece to create a new ownable look!  Have fun!



Feel like Fall shopping yet?  Let us know what you think about this post or share what you’ve seen for Fall!  As always we’d love to hear from you!

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Today I wanted to share some awesome inspo for your next shopping trip!  So many cute things out there; i’m just loving on so many of the retro styles I’ve seen.  Enjoy–and let us know what you think of our picks.  Scored something awesome and new lately?  Share it!  We’d love to hear from you!


First up:

  1.   Kimonos  – We Love Them!  So cute and so many options to choose
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Bag Review: Henri Bendel Plaza Suede Bag

Happy Monday!

Today is bag review day and I haven’t done a bag review in a while so I’m super excited, this one has been a long time coming!  It’s not that I haven’t purchased any new bags in awhile, but more so I haven’t seen any truly NEW bag styles that offered something worthy of a review.  I’ve come across some new totes and more classic styles that I “needed” to have but opted not to post.  If there is ever a bag that you’re interested in let us know.  If I haven’t seen or don’t own the bag, I probably know someone who does!

Now– the HB Plaza Suede Mini bag!!  First of all, this bag is gorgeous!  Small, but gorgeous, so ladylike and chic!  The styling is retro chic and compliments a work week outfit perfectly.  Dress it up with any casual LBD for after work drinks or elevate a casual dress down jeans kinda look!  Take note, if you carry this bag for work and often need to carry other things, you will need another larger tote to accommodate.  This bag holds the essentials, but it’s a “mini” bag, so that’s the point!  There is a larger version, which normally would be more my style but I already have a structured top handle bag or two that I love (of course I do ;-)).

The bag is suede with smooth leather trim.  It’s secured by a unique HB  turn lock closure.  The lock when initiated forms the signature HB initials.  Fully lined inside, interior pocket and inside pocket with a zipper.  Also a slit pocket under the flap.  Includes a removable crossbody strap with lovely chain detail.  Measures approx.  6″ X  8″ X 3.25″.  The Plaza Mini is available in black suede or the lovely color-blocked version.

Henri Bendel is now offering 10% off all new arrivals and free ground shipping on orders over $50!  For a limited time, spend over $50 and receive a limited edition Henri Bendel sweatshirt!  There are also some great sale items to be had as well, check them out!

mini plazamini plaza2
HBplaza suede mini

Henri Bendel Plaza Suede Mini, $350


  • 100% Suede and Leather
  • Decent room inside for your essentials
  • Can be carried via top handle or worn as a crossbody with the removable shoulder strap included
  • Classic ladylike style you would wear over and over again


  • The bag is very structured and small – not necessarily a “CON” if mini is what you were looking for!
  • You’ll need an extra bag for the rest of your stuff!


Bag Scorecard
Looks:  10; this is a beautiful bag!
Value:  8; I think the price is in line with most other mid-range designer bags
Functionality:  10; great for a small bag!
Extras:  10; I give a 10 here because the team at Henri Bendel Lenox store is awesome, always such a good experience when I go there.  The team is super helpful and polite!  Makes each shopping trip fun and no stress!

Overall Rating: 38/40; Beautiful, a must-have bag for Fall.  If you get nothing else “retro” this season!

I love it!  Tell me, what do you think of the Henri Bendel Plaza Mini?  Follow our blog, we’d love to hear from you!

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What We Love Now – Accessories Edition!

Hi y’all!

Coming to you today to share some accessories that we’ve recently come across and adore so much that we had to share :)!   You won’t have to look too hard to see these styles/trends while you’re out shopping, more of these styles and materials highlighted below will be EVERYWHERE!  Based on what I’ve seen that’s not a bad things!  Lots of awesomeness to choose from!

  1.  Tortoise accessories as well as lightweight resin earrings and bracelets are definitely trending right now.  These pieces can be pretty classic/timeless so I don’t think there is a huge risk in indulging a bit if you like.
  2.  Lucite is making a cameo this Fall as well, lucky for me I kept my lucite pieces from a few years back!
  3.  Retro chic style is BIG and oh so Fabulous, I’m loving the pieces I’ve seen!  Henri Bendel has an awesome collection featuring polished but fun retro styles.  Look for a bag review of the mini plaza suede bag shown below– SO CUTE!
  4.  Quay sunglasses are pretty awesome, I really like this brand for inexpensive sunglasses.  I have the French Kiss style shown below and I’ve received several compliments each time I wear them.  If you’ve never tried the brand, you should check them out, cute, comfy and affordable styles!
  5.  I’ve noticed a lot of organic shapes and angles being used quite a bit in design, the Gorjana drop earrings are gorgeous!  This brand is pretty awesome, I have very sensitive ears and can’t wear most trend/costume earrings and even some sterling silver, however the 18K plating used on this brand gives me no issues at all!  I was ecstatic to have been introduced to this brand a few years ago!  I can wear these all day!

Hope you see something below that you like!  If you do– please let us know!  Questions?   Send us a note!

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Cheers to a Fabulous shopping week!








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Best In Black!

Hey, Hey, Hey!!

It’s a rainy muggy start to August in ATL and has me thinking of Fall already!  Not that I am necessarily ready for Fall but kinda feel a bit like Fall is coming very very soon.  With that in mind I started (of course) thinking about Fall shopping!  Fall, BAG shopping.  Which led me to this post– how about a quick round-up of the best tote bags happening now.  More specifically, the best black tote bags!

I don’t know about you, but try as I might I can’t avoid having a “big” bag nearby!  I just have too much necessary STUFF!  It’s an unavoidable reality for me and luckily I came to that realization a long time ago and now I fully embrace it!  Don’t get me wrong I have my share (more than) of cute small bags, clutches, crossbody styles, etc. –you name a bag type and I got it,  but most often on a “regular” office, or errand running kinda day, I look to a larger bag to ensure I have enough room for all of my “must-haves”.  And you just may find a smaller bag inside…

With that in mind I am inspired to share a few of my “Best in Black” tote bag pics.  There is something here for everyone and every price point, because let’s be honest, not everyone can or even wants to spend $500+ on a bag!  We each can rock our personal style at any price point– you DO you!

Let me know what you think of my picks, own any of these?  Feel inspired to go and grab a new black tote RIGHT NOW?   Drop a comment below and please follow us–we’d love to hear from you!

Best in Black Tote Bags!!

CLB_1290_Cabata tote
Christian Louboutin Cabata Tote

Madewell Drawstring Transport Tote

Rebecca Minkoff Always On Regan Tote

STreetlevel tote_49
Street Level Faux Leather Tote

Tory Burch Chelsea Slouchy Tote


5 Best in Black Totes!

  1. Christian Louboutin Cabata Tote, $1290 – Gorgeous calfskin leather tote with the signature red rubber bottom.  Prepare to catch glances, stares and looks of longing if you splurge on this baby!  Slightly on the heavier side, measures approx. 15.5″ x 11.5″ x 5.5″.  No surprises here with the price tag, personally I think its totally worth the $1290 price tag.  I’d compare it to the LV Neverfull, which has a comparable tag for a non-leather tote.
  2. Madewell Drawstring Transport Tote, $178 – If you are familiar with the other Madewell Transport styles this one making the list should not be a surprised.  Same quality bag, modern, minimal look and totally functional.  An alternative to the Transport Tote probably already in your closet.  Large bag with drawstring closure and double handles.  Comfortable 8.5in drop.  Also available in English Saddle
  3. Rebecca Minkoff ‘Always On Regan’ Tote, $295 – She has the coolest names for her bags… Very versatile bag, zippered gusseted sides allows this bag to expand just a bit when needed.  Large size, easily holds your personal goodies as well as a laptop when needed.  Black smooth leather with silver hardware.  Measures a manageable 14″ x 12.5″ x 5″.
  4. Street Level Reversible Faux Leather Tote, $49 – For the more budget-conscious and still Fabulous Shopper!  This tote includes a small wristlet inside perfect for corralling the extra-small things in your bag and a reversible contrasting interior.  I’d say this bag is extra-large size when compared to the other “large” bags.  Very soft material, magnetic closure.  Perfect option for work and play!
  5. Tory Burch Chelsea Slouchy Tote, $498 – Great work tote or just plain ole stylish weekend schlepping kinda tote.  Quality grained leather with leather and chain detail handles.  This tote might be a little on the heavier side, but very durable as with most Tory Burch styles.


So what do you think of our round-up?  See something you like?  Own any of these?  Let us know what you think!   We’d love to hear from you!

Thanks so much for visiting our blog, comments welcomed!  Chickwares is more than a blog, check out our store for great fashionable gifts and girly stuff!  Need gift suggestions?  Let us work for you!