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“FALLIN” On a Budget! Wallet Friendly Pieces!

Fallin’ on a budget!  Get it??!  Like Ballin’ but different.  I honestly can’t take credit for that little catchy phrase, I actually heard a very giggly girl say it to her friend while in the fitting room at Nordstroms and it stuck in my head!  The phrase did spark this post, so for that I have to say “thank you” giggly girl!  I am quickly getting into the Fall mind-set, could it be that I am over the 90 degree weather here??  So looking forward to Fall dressing so, with a budget-conscious filter,  I’ve selected a few must-have looks for Fall, the best part–they are all under $100!

Browse my picks and let me know what you think!  These options are meant to be inspirational– so you don’t like a black Fedora (who doesn’t??) check out the many gray options, wine colored booties aren’t quite you– I spotted a gorgeous titantium colored pair!  So many options!  You will find many pieces like these around all season, so visit your favorite store(s) and shop, shop, shop!

Happy Shopping!


What do you think?  Would love to  hear back from you and see your Fall picks!







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Monday Must Have!  Baublebar Lariat Choker

Hi There!

After a “relaxing” weekend at the beach with my two little nuggets I’m back today with a little shopping PSA!  On my  Monday Must Have list is this fun piece by Baublebar!  The Lariat Choker is a chic alternative to the typical choker. Long fabric strands wrap around your neck and are accented with gold tassels. Metal closure.

Chokers were all the rage this summer and the trend doesn’t appear to be losing steam for Fall. There are tons of choker styles we fashionable chicks must have–don’t worry I’ll tell you all about ’em, another post for another day! 

Baublebar calls this one an essential and I must agree!  So cute ladies, wear this on casual work Friday to chic up work wear or date night out!  Looks FABULOUS  with a t-shirt or button up!

Baublebar; Lariat choker, $36 

What do you think ladies?  Yay or Nay?   Have this style?  Show us how you wear it, would love to hear from you!  



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Ready, Set, FALL!

Ready, set FALL!  Raise your hand if you’re ready for Fall!  I am definitely getting excited for the coming season!   A new season brings a another opportunity to reinvent your wardrobe and try new looks!   As far as the retail world goes Fall fashions have been flooding stores for the past month or so, however if you are like me I’m just now actually starting to pull together my Fall wardrobe.  Up until this point each year I have a solid look but don’t buy policy!  As much as I want to I find it difficult to purchase Fall items that I can’t wear just yet.  I’m here in Atlanta and it is still 95 degrees, so there are still a lot of shorts and dresses in rotation.  The thought of buying that new sweater and hanging on to it for another month or two just doesn’t jive with my personality!   I use this “transition period” to plan for Fall meanwhile taking advantage of end of other end of the season deals!   Through the course of my planning I’ve identified some gotta have pieces which I’ll share later.  I wanted to spend  a little time now talking about the colors you’ve undoubtedly have seen for the coming season because you will continue to see them everywhere!

For Fall 2016 think rich, sophisticated shades of reds, greens, browns, dusty pinks (yay!), blues and grays– super luxe and sophisticated!!  I’m loving the dusty pinks, grays and greens!

Pantone identified the palette below as the top 10 colors of the Fall 2016 season.   Pantone calls the below:  Riverside, Airy Blue, Sharkskin, Aurora Red, Warm Taupe, Dusty Cedar, Lush Meadow, Spicy Mustard, Potter’s Clay, Bodacious.

fall colors

You will see variations of these hues and different interpretations throughout the season, for example I’ve seen so many varying shades of the beautiful and lush green shown in the palette above!  All so gorgeous, which is your favorite? .  Some of my own personal thoughts on the colors I’m eyeing for Fall based on the above palette!





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Monday Must Have!  Mark & Graham Tortoise Catchall

Chic and stylish, these awesome acrylic Mark & Graham catchalls make a great gift for the girl who has everything–  and now she’ll have a place to put everything in!  

Available from; $45 includes FREE monogramming and gift wrap!  I love these and the gold glitzy monogram is the perfect touch!

Let us know what you think of these chic accessories, we’d love to hear from you!


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Coach 1941 Goes Rogue!

OMG!  Who has seen or maybe hasn’t seen the new swoonworthy and oh, so Fabulous, Coach Rogue bag?!  I must admit, I am not a huge fan of the brand, sure I’ve owned a Coach bag or three in my handbag past however, over time I found myself thinking that the brand, the look had just became a bit too predictable and well, boring.  So boring and predictable that it was beyond easy for EVERYONE to knock them off in every way possible.  And when that happens, well…Make no mistake about it, the quality of the Coach leather bags was always substantial, but the styling just no longer resonated with my personal style.  I felt in a lot of ways the brand was targeting either the very young or much older and I was in the middle– not young, not old, but definitely fashionable :).  Anyway, this latest collection of bags might be a game changer, this bag in particular is definitely  giving me pause and I am giving it some serious consideration!  This bag is gorgeous and would be a great addition to any Fall wardrobe!  The Rogue bag’s original debut was earlier this year as part of Coach’s Pre-Fall/Fall showings so it is most definitely available NOW!  This bag is available in an array of hot hot colors and materials for the Fall season!

The bag is from Coach’s 1941 collection which is its higher-end, more couture– if you will, collection. That being said, be prepared, this bag and any other bag from the collection is a bit pricier than your average Coach bag, prices for this bag start at $795.  The bag is available in other exotic materials and accents which can increase the price to upwards of $1400.

The Rogue bag is made of beautiful glove-tanned pebble leather, features luxurious suede lining and beautiful signature hardware, including protective feet on the bottom (always a nice add).  The bag is divided into two compartments and features two top handles and a removable straps so that you may carry the bag on your arm as a satchel or over your shoulder.  The bag measures: 9″ (L) x 5″ (H) x 2″ (W).

54556_a4Coach Rogue BlueCoach-Rogue_pythonCoach Rogue BlackCoach-Rogue_Oxblood

The bag does have a bit of weight– I personally don’t think that it’s heavy but I’ve heard from some that the bag was a tad bit heavy.   Not uncomfortably so, but you would definitely notice that you were carrying this bag.   Keep in mind this is a quality leather bag with substantial hardware accents, you should expect it to have a bit of weight. Disclaimer:  I tend to favor bags that are on the larger side, and I often carry a lot in my bag, so my expectation and tolerance is probably different from most :).

Do you own this bag?  Love it?  Or just “meh”?  Tell us what you think, I’m still considering so I’d love to hear from you!

Photos were taken from the Coach online store.

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