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Get Ready! Fall Wardrobe Staples!

Happy Happy Monday people!

I definitely am so inspired by the pending change of seasons that I feel like I’ve spent a little extra time planning Fall outfits to put together.  I love Fall dressing, sweater weather is my favorite!  It’s still summer AND I’m in Atlanta so it’s still pretty hot here  to even think about wearing some of the warmer sweaters and sweatshirts I have my eye on.  Mornings are getting a little cooler, but by mid-morning it’s still very hot here…and humid!  For the next couple of weeks I guess I’ll have to be content simply planning and trying out as many different looks as I can!  If you didn’t, take a look at a quick post I did on Fall trends a few weeks back to help jump-start your own wardrobe plan!

Most of these pieces you can begin to incorporate into your wardrobe now, for example pair the blazer with a lightweight cami, and wear after 5, or to the office (always cold), wear booties with shorts and casual dresses, etc.


Boyfriend Blazer, Express


Express Bell Bottom
Bell Flare Jeans, Express; I just purchased these, haven’t received yet, but love the retro look!
top shop sweater
Mock Neck Sweater, Top Shop; slightly oversized, perfect with distressed jeggings or leggings
steve madden rumble booties_129
Steve Madden Rumble Bootie, Nordstrom; to be worn with oversized Top Shop sweater and leggings 🙂
Sanctuary Camo
Sanctuary Camo Pants, Macy’s; to know me is to know I love camo! I have no idea why!! Swap tee for cami and top this look with a black blazer!
floral pant
Floral pant, leather jacket and booties! I wish I could tell you exactly where this look came from! If anyone knows please tell me! Love it!


See anything you like or are wearing now?   What do you think about these looks?  We’re excited for Fall, drop us a note and let us know what you think!  As always, thanks for sharing with us!  Please follow our blog and check us out on Instagram and Facebook!





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Hooray For Fall Fashion! Fall Trends

Heyyy Friends!

The Labor Day holiday signals that the end of Summer is near which is always a little bittersweet, however I don’t usually mind as much as I am always super excited for Fall and Fall shopping!  I enjoy dressing for all seasons, but I have to admit that Fall might be my favorite! I love sweater weather!  Notice I said sweater weather, not North Face Abominable Snowman Under Armour weather– definitely a difference!

I wanted to share just a few of the Fall trends I’m loving for Fall that will be influencing all of our shopping trips this season as these trends and looks are hitting retailers everywhere!

There are a ton of options and opinions out there on what is trending for Fall, this is my non-designer house point of view!  I like to think I present more approachable and affordable picks that you know us fabulous “everyday” gals could find and buy!  Runway styles are aspirational and inspirational, not all looks are intended to be taken literally, grab what you can from them and make the look your own.  We all know it’s not realistic to think that most of us will complete our shopping at Gucci and Saks! We all like our designer duds but I don’t think $600 slacks are in everyone’s budget :).

Enough rambling!  Take a look at the 5 trends assembled below and see if you feel Fall retro inspired!  Happy Shopping!


#1 – Flower Power – Retro Flower Prints

Floral prints.  Not just any florals but BIG, striking floral prints and patterns.  This trend might be the most polarizing trend of all but I think if done right, these is an amazing look for this season!  Ignore the thinking that florals are only relevant for Spring, the bright, bold patterns for Fall will definitely change your thinking.  Pair your florals with some flare leg jeans and a leather jacket or try some floral print slack and booties, ground a full length dress with a gorgeous pair of boots!  So many options!  PS – I love the floral coat below– on the hunt for a copycat version!

#2 – Resin & Lucite Accessories

Resin is a very versatile material and for this Fall season being crafted in so many  vivid colors and patterns!  Another plus is that it is super lightweight.  Look for mottled florals, bright color splashes and metal accents this season.  I’ve noticed that while pieces are still striking it looks like the super large statement pieces are on their way out.  Hold on to yours though (I am), what’s old will be new very soon.  Besides, I believe for the right occasion a big “look at me” necklace might be just want a girl needs!



#3 – Purple  / Lavender

I am really appreciating the various shades of purple/violet I’ve seen so far during this transition period leading up to full on Fall.    Pantone chose Ultra Violet as its color of the year for 2018 so no surprise that we will see this color everywhere this fall.  Actually– the entire color palette chosen for this year is pretty awesome, check them out here!  Such gorgeous colors!  For all you fellow Prince fans, I think he would be pleased with this color choice!



#4 – Belt Bags

Not a fanny pack, but a belt bag :)!  There is a difference and I guess the difference is about 30 years or so!  Either way, I don’t hate this accessory!  This trend is not brand new for Fall, was introduced in a big way back in Spring, I show it here as a part of this list because 1)  it will be continuing into Fall and 2) there are so many new and different takes on the style that it feels just as fresh as it did previously.  Everyone is offering their version of this style so you are sure to find one that works for you!  Extremely versatile bag, most styles can be worn in the traditional belt style or as a sling.  Some include a convertible strap so the bag can be worn as a crossbody.




#5 – Retro / Throwback Looks

This could be fun!  Think denim on denim looks, denim jackets, flare leg jeans (I actually never stopped wearing these…), updated bootcut denim, cool metallics, pop art details, velvet, color, color and more color!  Mix one of your favorite throwback pieces with a more modern piece to create a new ownable look!  Have fun!



Feel like Fall shopping yet?  Let us know what you think about this post or share what you’ve seen for Fall!  As always we’d love to hear from you!

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Today I wanted to share some awesome inspo for your next shopping trip!  So many cute things out there; i’m just loving on so many of the retro styles I’ve seen.  Enjoy–and let us know what you think of our picks.  Scored something awesome and new lately?  Share it!  We’d love to hear from you!


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