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Coach 1941 Goes Rogue!

OMG!¬† Who has seen or maybe hasn’t seen the new swoonworthy and oh, so Fabulous,¬†Coach Rogue bag?!¬† I must admit, I am not¬†a huge fan of the brand, sure I’ve owned a Coach bag or three in my handbag past however,¬†over time I found myself thinking that the brand, the look had¬†just became a bit too predictable and¬†well,¬†boring.¬† So boring and predictable that it was beyond easy for EVERYONE to knock them off in every way possible.¬† And when that happens, well…Make no mistake about it,¬†the quality of the Coach leather bags was always substantial,¬†but the styling just no longer resonated with my personal style.¬† I felt in a lot of ways the brand was targeting either the very young or much older and I was in the middle– not young, not old, but definitely fashionable :).¬†¬†Anyway, this latest collection of bags might be a game changer, this bag in particular is¬†definitely¬† giving me¬†pause and I am giving it¬†some serious consideration!¬† This bag is gorgeous and would be a great addition to any Fall wardrobe!¬† The Rogue¬†bag’s original debut was earlier this year as part of Coach’s Pre-Fall/Fall showings so it is most definitely available NOW!¬†¬†This bag is available in an array of¬†hot hot colors and materials for the Fall season!

The bag is from Coach’s 1941 collection which is its higher-end, more couture– if you will, collection. That being said,¬†be prepared, this bag and¬†any other bag from the¬†collection¬†is a bit pricier than your average¬†Coach bag, prices for this bag¬†start at $795.¬† The bag¬†is¬†available in other¬†exotic materials and accents which can increase the price to upwards of $1400.

The Rogue bag is made of beautiful¬†glove-tanned pebble leather, features luxurious¬†suede lining and beautiful signature hardware, including protective feet on the bottom (always a nice add).¬† The bag is divided into two compartments and features two¬†top handles¬†and a removable straps so that you may carry the bag on your arm as a satchel or over your shoulder.¬† The bag measures:¬†9″ (L) x 5″ (H) x 2″ (W).

54556_a4Coach Rogue BlueCoach-Rogue_pythonCoach Rogue BlackCoach-Rogue_Oxblood

The bag does have a bit of weight– I personally don’t think that it’s heavy but I’ve heard from some that the bag was a tad bit heavy.¬†¬† Not uncomfortably so, but you¬†would definitely notice¬†that you¬†were carrying this bag.¬†¬†¬†Keep in mind this is a quality leather bag with substantial hardware accents, you should expect it to have a bit of weight.¬†Disclaimer:¬† I tend to favor bags that are on the larger side, and I often carry a lot in my bag, so my expectation and tolerance is probably different from most :).

Do you own this bag?¬† Love it?¬† Or just “meh”?¬† Tell us what you think, I’m still considering so I’d¬†love to hear from you!

Photos were taken from the Coach online store.

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